Our goal is to provide infrastructure software to support dynamic ad insertion and alternate content delivery which is architected for efficiencies at both the end user and industry levels. 

While end-to-end, vertically integrated solutions may make sense in some businesses, multiplatform dynamic advertising is executed by a relatively expansive ecosystem with many disparate and independent contributors – content providers, service providers, ad copy managers, ad sales managers, advanced data providers, and so on.

For this sort of environment, an overall architecture that provides flexibility, agility, and room for expansion is much more appropriate. We leverage open standards within our software solutions, thereby saving you significant time, money and duplication of effort. The result is a faster, more agile industry.

At the product level, we’ve created an execution platform which provides infrastructure software to assist in managing addressable, interactive, and dynamic advertising without the operational cost or bias of vertically integrated applications. Our complimentary metadata management system provides an independent, cross-platform solution for ad and content assets. And our interconnect software provides the fabric to allow independent systems, including both ours and third-party solutions, to optimally interact for real-time decision-making using industry standards.

What does This Technology do?

  • Provides infrastructure software to connect video delivery systems to ad decisioning systems
  • Provides alternate content management software to support use cases like sports blackouts or Emergency Alerts
  • Provides manifest manipulation software to support IP service delivery

What does This Technology NOT do?

  • Deliver or manage physical content
  • Make advertising sales decisions
  • Operate an advertising network