SpotLink is a new, standards-based software product from This Technology that allows publishers to connect their broadband campaign management systems to the SCTE 130 ecosystem for dynamic ad insertion in content streamed from video servers.

In the SCTE 130 architecture, publishers are free to use whichever campaign management system they prefer. Since ad operations for dynamic ad insertion on VOD generally have more in common with broadband advertising than broadcast advertising, many publishers have indicated that they would prefer to use their existing broadband campaign management systems (CMS) as opposed to modifying their existing broadcast campaign managers or purchasing a third system and building those operations out.

However, while broadband CMSes are generally well-suited to managing on demand placement strategies, those systems are architected with the assumption that the content publisher is also directly implementing the insertions.


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Within the SCTE 130 framework, SpotLink implements an ad decision service, or ADS interface. The SpotLink ADS receives a request for an ad decision from the advertising manager (ADM). To process the request, SpotLink may optionally first query the SpotBuilder Placement Opportunity Information System (POIS) to determine the advertising rights available and agreed to by the publisher and the distributor for the referenced stream. Using a campaign manager specific adapter, SpotLink than translates and transports the compiled request into the broadband campaign manager language optionally using customized publisher business rules for critical network-to-broadband ad operations data. SpotLink also translates the broadband campaign manager’s response into an SCTE-130 actionable decision, leveraging custom publisher and distributor rules and back office metadata. Once the advertisements have been inserted and executed, the ADM can supply SCTE-130 tracking and reporting data to SpotLink, which relays to the multiple tracking and reporting system as specified by the publisher. This task is performed seamlessly to the broadband campaign management system as if the request were direct from a broadband video player with exact and specific restrictions that match the context of the distributor sourced SCTE-130 request.

In the television industry, the service provider must implement the insertion. As a result, there are various systemic differences that need to be bridged, leaving a technical and operational gap between the broadband CMSes and the SCTE 130 ecosystem.

SpotLink fills that gap. SpotLink accepts SCTE 130 formatted ADS requests and then uses the common broadband standard for ad traffic integration, IAB VAST, to integrate with the broadband CMSes.

SpotLink, like all This Technology software products, is designed to meet stringent performance requirements for real-time decision-making with sub 50 millisecond response times. Total response time to an ADM request is dependent on final network and system configuration. When used in conjunction with This Technology’s SpotBuilder and MetaMore services, you can be sure that your DAI implementation will successfully conform to operator and publisher requirements.


  • Seamlessly connects existing broadband campaign manager to SCTE-130 architecture
  • Handles SCTE-130 status notification to broadband pixel tracking and reporting systems
  • Customizes business rules for placement request and response translation


  • Leverage existing operations without creating additional processes
  • Leverage existing, proven equipment
  • Leverage existing broadband ad serving deals for higher value service provider video
  • Avoid purchase of new systems

CMS Support

  • SCTE-130 Compliant Servers
  • IAB VAST Compliant Servers

Enterprise Purchase Options

  • Hosted service from This Technology
  • Enterprise license and hardware