SpotBuilder offers content providers and service providers a powerful platform and a simple workflow to manage advanced ad inventory rights for both linear and non-linear video content. SpotBuilder is a rules-based system that has been developed with extensive input from both content and service providers. The resulting toolset for rule definition is, in effect, the software embodiment of the new trading patterns and business constructs that have emerged to manage advanced advertising.

While content metadata and schedules are updated in MetaMore – or an alternative metadata management system of your choosing – SpotBuilder generates and continually updates advertising rights data sent to our RealTime Metadata Engine (RME). The RME queries this data to provide an SCTE-130 compliant POIS service to advanced advertising systems in the field.

How It Works: Creating and Using Rules

SpotBuilder provides an advertising business manager unprecedented control over the supply of advanced advertising units for both linear and on-demand content, including the quantity and forms of advanced advertisements that can accompany their content by region, time-part, device and platform.

Content providers and service providers use SpotBuilder to define the ad units associated with a given piece of content. In the definition, ad unit rules include size, ownership, and interactive capabilities, and may be relevant to certain zones, devices, or time windows.

Ad units are loaded into templates, which can be applied to content. Templates are powerful, easy-to-use, and highly flexible – offering the manager the ability to manage ad units at a granular or global scope. For example, a template comprising of a certain number of ad units may be applied to a single or multiple episodes of 30 Rock. That template can be applied to a single cable operator’s plant in Chicago.

A second template for the same 30 Rock episode can be used to manage inventory with that operator’s mobile footprint in Chicago. If those templates are suitable for all content (set tops as well as mobile phones), the template definition can be expanded to cover the full geography of that operator’s business.

Moving to a second operator, the existing template can be redefined to include the new operator. Or if business terms differ, a second set of templates can be created with new inventory definitions.

Decisions, Decisions

Once the rules have been defined, SpotBuilder uploads data to This Technology’s RME. The RME uses this data to provide an independent, highly scalable, SCTE-130 compliant POIS service to any ad serving system in the field. The RME POIS publishes and answers real-time queries from the ad server with ad inventory available for a specified piece of content, in a geography, on a platform, or run by an operator. The appropriate ad server in the field then determines which ad asset should be used to fill the inventory.

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The Value of Independence

The independence of SpotBuilder (and the RME POIS) provides key operational and strategic benefits. Operationally, staff enter advertising rights rules and metadata into a single system. That system then provides answers to all ad insertion systems out in the field. The elimination of redundant data entry requirements of multiple fielded systems saves significant time and money. It also ensures that the single data set results in a standard set of outcomes across all networks, geographies and device types – regardless of the local ad decision system in use.

This Technology customers also benefit strategically from an independent system. There is no worry about a vertically integrated vendor ‘capturing’ inventory and using it as leverage against their competitors. This is essential. Inventory management systems need to be integrated with all ad implementation systems, then optimized and kept up to date. A vertically integrated vendor may not integrate with its competitors and may face resistance from those competitors both for initial integration and ongoing maintenance of the integration.

Advantage, This Technology

The Rules you Need.
Content providers and service providers have elaborate, complex and ever-changing business relationships. Advanced advertising is a new business with evolving business strategies. Our customers benefit greatly from the work we’ve done to dig in and understand exactly what kinds of rules are required to allow content providers and service providers to build and sustain a sophisticated trading relationship with desired trading patterns that is also operationally scalable and efficient.

The Results You Expect.
Once assets are defined and rules are set to monetize those assets, it’s important that everything runs smoothly. Deep in the system, however, there are certain complexities to manage. An innovator in POIS development for several years, This Technology successfully responds to standards compliant and heterogeneous queries from a diversity of ad implementation systems.


  • Provides a simple, yet powerful means for communicating and managing advertising rights between content and service providers
  • Ensures that all ad servers and their decisions reflect the actual trading relationship between content and service providers
  • Reduces cost of data entry and management with highly automated data entry tools
  • Lowers redundant data entry operational costs

Key Features

  • Full-featured SCTE-130 compliant POIS
  • Independent architecture
  • Compatible with any SCTE-130 compliant ad server
  • Third-party asset management systems support
  • Highly scalable
  • Well-defined workflow between content and service providers