Solutions for Service Providers

THIS TECHNOLOGY provides an execution platform for metadata management, along with interconnect software, allowing for complete visibility

and control over your content across multiple platforms and applications.

Unify data and create operating efficiencies across regions regardless of diversity in geography and technical plants.

Trajectory™ Execution Platform

Connect any video infrastructure and ad serving platform for real-time insertion of dynamic ads in any content.
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SwitchStream™ Alternate Content Delivery System

Deliver regionalized content to the right audience and provide alternate content during instances of content blackouts.
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VEX™ Manifest Manipulator

Individually alter content streams for dynamic ad insertion and alternate programs.
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THIS TECHNOLOGY is an active author and participant within CableLabs and SCTE. Use our execution platform to assist in managing your national advertising inventory, and your data will work with any SCTE-130 compliant system.