MetaMore™ Asset Management for Programmers

Programmers can leverage MetaMore, a cloud-based metadata asset management system, to efficiently create and distribute information about video assets for video on demand (VOD) and advanced advertising. This application server software streamlines metadata authoring, automates input for multiple system types, and efficiently delivers dynamic ads on VOD.

MetaMore offers web-based content metadata editing tools to simplify communication of metadata information in environments where multiple format types are in play and speed is imperative. Programmers can easily create or modify guide, billing, and distribution metadata – including license window scheduling and distribution point specification. Create metadata once and easily distribute it to multiple platforms, including VOD, broadcast television, and TV Everywhere.

The benefits of MetaMore

  • Store, translate, and track content across all platforms, and make metadata available and accessible to all solutions
  • Ingest, upload, manually create, edit, and distribute entertainment asset and ad asset metadata
  • Support multiplatform and multidata model metadata translation
  • Rapidly generate metadata assets for all required distribution formats (SD, HD, H.264, C3, D4, etc.)
  • Batch edit season/series and episodic templates


  • A single data source for multiplatform distribution
  • Easy-to-use web-based tools for managing and searching:
    • Asset metadata including title, guide, billing, and license window
    • Season or series templates
    • Episodic asset templates
    • Break info or signal metadata
    • Asset generation and distribution reports
  • Web service interface for automated ingest of assets metadata
  • Standards compliant SCTE 130-4 2009 Content Information Service (CIS) interface to support queries, notifications, and cursors